GTP.NET for Silverlight + WPF launched

Interactive Gantt chart and schedule chart now available for Silverlight and WPF.
June 01, 2010 - 10:17
Press Release

GTP.NET for Silverlight + WPF (GTP.NET.SL) is a component package for Silverlight and WPF. The component helps with time visualization and interaction. GTP.NET.SL contains a fully interactive Gantt chart and a fully interactive Schedule chart. GTP.NET.SL is Runtime Royalty Free.


  • Combines the many possibilities of XAML with the generic task of showing anything along a time axis
  • Display and edit schedules, events, plans or anything else, live on the Web
  • Create applications that target a cross platform community, including Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows
  • Unlike other specialized solutions that often require you to fit your data into a specific template GTP.NET.SL gives you as much freedom as possible. It provides the time axis, the concept of a time item, the concept of a time item link, the concept of moving and resizing time items, the ability to allow or disallow any user action, full databind and full exposure of time item definition with XAML and data templates.


With over 10 years experience of OO-development, knows that things can get complicated, and how to make them simple. PlexityHide often works as consultant in software projects, as developers or as technical project managers. The company is a firm believer of UML and OO-development. It is not platform or tool religious; and uses any tool that gets the job done. Its main product, the phGantTimePackage, consists of approx 42000 lines of Delphi code. It was developed for the Swedish broadcasting company and has been available as an OCX since 1999. It contains extremely powerful Gantt and Schema components, allowing graphical manipulation of time items. It has been used in over 300 hundred different software projects around the globe. Clients include; Swedish Parliament, SVT Swedish broadcasting cooperation, General Motors, Pronyx Metal AB, Ontario Power Generation, US Army Dugway Proving Ground, Kraft Foods, UCLA - NeuroOncology, Hewlett-Packard, Schlumberger.

Adding gantt rows for each TreeViewItem with GTP.NET for Silverlight + WPF.

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