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PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp lets you create dashboards that include charts, gauges, maps and grid layouts.
June 16, 2010 - 14:50
Press Release

PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp leverages Citrix XenApp and Citrix Receivers for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to let you easily create, customize and access enterprise-grade dashboards. With support for over 60 smart phone and devices, you can see what your dashboards will look like in any platform, any device. PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp consists of two main components: The PowerGadgets Mobile Creator and PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp server component. PowerGadgets Mobile Creator installs on your desktop computer and helps you design your gadget. PowerGadgets XenApp installs on the server where Citrix XenApp is installed. By taking advantage of Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices, PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp makes these business intelligence tools available to all supported phones without much effort on the user's side.


  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp's adaptive runtime engine optimizes the gadgets for the device it's rendered in. This means your dashboard will adapt to the device's UI and display region and integrate naturally with each device's environment.
  • No Development Environment Required
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp provides its own graphical design surface called the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, that is included free of charge. This tool puts all of your gadget's properties at your fingertips to allow you to quickly design and build complex gadgets. PowerGadgets Mobile Creator is packed with features to help you create your mobile dashboards in a snap. Featuring new, multi gadget layouts, customized default mobile devices, and full preview of your application in the mobile devices, you will find there's no easier way to create mobile dashboards. PowerGadgets Mobile Creator includes a welcome page to help you get immediately started on the project of your choice. You can select to open previous projects, as well as select to create a new dashboard from scratch from any of the gadget types available. Furthermore, you can select your preferred default device to preview your dashboard in a particular mobile device and see exactly what will be rendered at runtime. The welcome page also includes a variety of samples applications that go from commonly used functionality to some of the most advanced dashboards you can create, providing a very useful tool for anyone who would like to get the most out of PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp.
  • Gadget Types and Layouts
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp offers the ability to create any number of advanced dashboards for your mobile device by including two new multi-gadget layout modes: Multiple Slides and Grid-style multiple gadgets per slide. You can now make any number of combinations between single gadgets and multiple gadget layouts to create the perfect dashboard for your needs including Charts, Gauges, Maps, Multi-Slide and Grid-Style Layouts.
  • Chart
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp provides a powerful charting engine providing over 60 chart types and a wealth of aesthetical and functional features. A chart plots data in the form of series and points with each series containing one or more points.
  • Gauge
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp provides a gauge gadget type to display single-variable data in radial, linear and digital-panel gauges. Single-variable analysis is very powerful when combined with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp's flexible real-time capabilities
  • Map
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp provides a mapping component that allows you to depict enterprise data on geographical maps or even on your own custom SVGs. PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp includes a comprehensive SVG map library that covers most geographic mapping needs
  • Multi-Slide Style
    Along with the single chart, map and gauge modes, PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp also offers a few multiple gadgets options that speed up the dashboard creation process. With the multiple slides project, you can have any number of gadgets, each displayed in it's own slide
  • Grid-like layout
    This layout style offers the ability to create the conventional dashboard application for your mobile device, allowing you to add several gadgets to the same page, in a grid-like layout
  • No Coding Involved
    Through the use of the WYSIWYG design tool, PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, you can create advanced dashboards in just minutes, without a single line of code.
  • Multiple Data Source Connectivity
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp can easily connect to a SQL Server (or any ODBC-compliant database) and extract information. Running a SQL query is as easy as typing into a command window. It also supports PowerShell and Web Services as data sources.
  • Four Platforms, Over 60 Supported Devices
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp supports Apple, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Droid platforms. With over 60 skins for different devices included in the PowerGadgets Creator, you can see exactly how your dashboard will behave in virtually any device.
  • Native Dashboards for all your Mobile Devices with Adaptive Run-time
    PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp powerful Adaptive Run-time Technology feature allows the dashboard to render and behave differently on each device in order to maximize usability and integration with each device. This means that your dashboard will behave and look like a native application in each mobile device.
  • Citrix Ready
    PowerGadgets Mobile leverages Citrix XenApp Server and Citrix Receivers for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to let you easily create, customize and access enterprise-grade dashboards. By taking advantage of Citrix Receiver for Mobile Devices, PowerGadgets makes these business intelligence tools available to all supported phones without much effort on the user's side.
  • Easy Deployment
    Deploying your dashboards is quick and easy with PowerGadgets Mobile for XenApp. Just follow the simple steps outlined in the PowerGadgets Deployment Guide and in just minutes your dashboards will be available to all your mobile device clients.

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