Project Management for WinForms released

Display and update project information, such as tasks, using a grid view and Gantt charts.
March 21, 2011 - 17:14
Press Release

DlhSoft Project Management Library for Windows Forms contains project management related Windows client components, such as task & resource based Gantt charts and project management controls and related classes. Project Management Library for Windows Forms includes: standard appearance and behavior, customizable settings, drag and drop operations, resource leveling, culture and theme awareness, printing support and more. Licensed components may be redistributed royalty-free within your applications. Source code is also available with a Business Plus license.


  • Integrate with Visual Studio development environment; reference documentation is available in Visual Studio style; supports all .NET languages, including but not limited to C# and Visual Basic® .NET
  • Very similar in appearance, behavior, and development related features with the standard DataGridView control
  • Programmatically allow task indentation, content, start date, effort, completed effort, assignments, predecessors, cost, and expansion values, and resource content, and cost values
  • Use customized Gantt Chart scale headers, using predefined time scales (weeks, months, quarters, years)
  • Set up a custom schedule defining the working time to be used for determining and updating task date and times and time spans
  • Automatically select task assignments based on resource availability and optionally specified functions, and level resources by updating task timing information using a single LevelResources method call
  • Customize task bars by using custom brushes; highlighting the critical path is also available as a single Boolean property change
  • Print the task grid and/or its associated Gantt Chart, or the resource grid
  • Extensibility is provided through exposed properties, events, and type inheritance support
  • Ability to add and remove tasks, expand and close tasks, increment and decrement task indentation, update existing task values either from the task data grid or from the Gantt Chart using drag and drop operations, and/or update existing resource values from the resource data grid
  • The current culture (language and region) set by the end user (using the Regional and Language Options) is used by default for displaying and retrieving values such as numbers or dates.

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Project Management application built using DlhSoft Project Management Library for Windows Forms.

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