SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost released

Send alarm emails according to the schedule on SharePoint.
March 28, 2011 - 16:20
Press Release

SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost is a custom SharePoint workflow comprising of two separate workflows, the SharePointBoost Alert workflow and the SharePointBoost Reminder workflow. The solution is designed as an enhancement to the default SharePoint Alert Me for sending e-mail and SMS notifications. Optimize your company's workflow by sending detailed, fully-customizable alert emails and SMS messages to users whenever an item is created, modified, or deleted. Any new content is highlighted in the notification, saving you time by making the important points easier to find, and email and SMS message reminders are automatically sent at customizable intervals to remind employees before deadlines arrive.


  • Send notifications on item creation, modification and deletion
  • Send notifications based on specified times and intervals
  • Send notifications via SMS
  • Define complex notification conditions
  • Send daily and weekly notification summaries
  • Specify To, CC, BCC recipients based on user/group columns
  • Specify To, CC, BCC recipients based AD user/groups and e-mail addresses
  • Highlight changes made to items in notifications
  • Customizable alternative access mappings for item URL
  • Send notifications to users in external list columns
  • Exclude users from receiving notifications
  • Comprehensive e-mail content customization
  • Inform users prior to sending notifications
  • Import/export Alert Reminder Boost settings as XML file

About SharePointBoost

SharePointBoost is a leading developer of SharePoint solutions that bridge the gap between SharePoint out-of-the-box and the custom functionality needed to make daily business operations smooth and efficient. SharePointBoost believes that all businesses should have access to advanced technology solutions tailored to their specific needs and delivered with professional service and support. SharePointBoost has developed a complete suite of fully-customizable SharePoint solutions for just this purpose, designed to unlock the full potential of SharePoint.

Using SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost to send a notification email.

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