ProtectKit3.5 released

Protect your software applications by preventing unauthorized copies of your application from running.
October 19, 2011 - 0:00
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ProtectKit3.5 protects your software applications by preventing unauthorized copies of your application from running. With a few simple steps, you can protect your application with one of the strongest copy protection systems available. ProtectKit has two protection models: Password-Type protection and Network-Type protection. Password-Type protection locks applications until they are unlocked by a unique password. Network-Type protection provides protection for applications running on a local network.


  • Prevents unauthorized copies of your applications from running
  • Two protection models: Password-Type protection and Network-Type protection
  • Uses PC's hardware signature so applications copied to another PC will not run
  • Password-Type protection offers 5 kinds of passwords
  • Network-Type protection detects the how many application are running on a local network
  • Supports 64 bit operating systems and 64 bit applications
  • No special hardware needed: No dongles, usb locks, or other hardware
  • Rent or lease your software applications
  • 3 ways to generate passwords
  • Be sure that every copy of your software now being used has been authorized and paid for

Password-Type protection uses a lockword and the hardware signature of the PC where the application is running to create a unique password that unlocks the application on that PC and only that PC. If the application is copied to another PC, it will not run until it has been unlocked with a new password.

Password-Type protection offers 5 types of protection: standard protection, "number of uses" protection, "number of days" protection, "number of months" protection, and "expiration date" protection. With ProtectKit3.5, you can set renewable passwords that can enable applications that have exceeded the number of uses, number of days or number of months. Being able to renew an application with a new password after that application has exceeded its allowed uses, days, or months, gives you the ability to rent or lease your software applications. Renew passwords can be generated regularly based on rental or lease agreements with your end users.

In addition to Password-Type protection, the ProtectKit3.5 offers Network-Type protection for your Win32 (Win64) applications. Network-Type protection detects the number of instances of your application that are running on a network at the same time. The ProtectKit3.5 provides the ability for these applications to communicate with each other letting you, not only detect unauthorized copies, but to disable them as well. With ProtectKit3.5, you can set the number of applications that you will allow to run simultaneously on a network.

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Password protection options in ProtectKit3.5.

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