NetAdvantage Reporting released

XAML-based reporting solution for Silverlight and WPF reporting applications.
November 21, 2011 - 0:00
Press Release

NetAdvantage Reporting is a XAML reporting solution for Silverlight and WPF reporting applications. You can create elegant and easy-to-design reports engineered to help you deliver information to your end users in the shortest possible time. It offers report design, report viewing and an Expression Assistant. Other features and functionality include: integrated charting support (based on Infragistics data visualization charting controls), SQL data access, and the ability to easily connect to the most popular data sources like Entity Framework and RIA Services (using client-side rendering). You can even export your reports to a PDF format without any round trips back to the server.


  • 100% Silverlight and WPF reporting experience - Features: viewing images, filtering, grouping, alignment, headers and footers.
  • Easy-to-use report design interface - Design controls and features are integrated for use with Visual Studio, and provide an easy way to create data reports.
  • Flexible report viewing - Reports can be rendered and viewed locally or also remotely (on a server) with the Report Viewer feature. This feature can even be hosted within Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications for reuse.
  • Data visualization integration - Charting features from NetAdvantage Data Visualization products are included.
  • Add your own report data at design-time or at run-time - The reporting solution offers data access support for SQL data sources, and object data sources. You can also easily connect to Entity Framework and RIA Services (using client-side rendering).
  • Export to PDF and Excel - Alleviate traditional "round trips" to the server to provide basic PDF and Excel exports.
  • Write your own custom expressions - Conduct analysis of reported data with "built-in" support for common constants, operators, and functions with the help of the Expression Assistant feature.
  • Printing - Customize page sizes and margins before printing full fidelity reports directly from Silverlight and WPF clients.

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