Use any .NET library in your Java project.

javOnet is a Java to .NET bridge which solves interoperability issues.
August 06, 2014 - 10:11
Press Release

javOnet is a mechanism that bridges your Java application with .NET code. Your .NET code is accessible from your Java application through a robust reflection-style fluent API. Using the javOnet methods you can interact with any .NET object. javOnet creates a .NET process for your Java application and translates your operations in the javOnet API directly to operations done in the CLR .NET process. javOnet covers full interprocess communication with native performance, creation and lifecycle management of the .NET process and callback support for listening for .NET events from Java.

With javOnet you can reuse your critical .NET code in your Java application and enhance Java applications with a WPF or WinForms interface. javOnet efficiently and reliably solves Java and .NET interoperability problems where there is a need to call C# from Java.

javOnet makes interoperability easy allowing you to focus on more important issues. Use anything from .NET in whatever you create in Java. The javOnet samples show how to make a Java application with a WPF or WinForms interface and how you can inherit from a .NET class or use Log4Net in Java.


  • Native high performance.
  • Light single jar file solution.
  • Access any custom or framework .NET library with no changes.
  • No proxy generation required.
  • Easy fluent reflection-style API.
  • No client-server or Web services architecture required.
  • Supports any method, value types and reference types.
  • Supports generic methods and generic classes.
  • Cross-platform exception handling.
  • Built-in garbage collector propagation.
  • Works with interop DLLs for COM objects.

About javOnet

javOnet was formed by highly skilled and experienced .NET and Java developers to simplify common interoperability issues. They create computer systems that effectively streamline business processes and offer development, consulting and outsourcing IT services for small, medium and large companies. Their aim is to build easy to use tools that immediately increase developer productivity.

Calculator sample using javOnet.

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