SQL Enterprise Job Manager released

Monitor and manage agent jobs across multiple SQL Servers.
May 22, 2015 - 0:00
Press Release

SQL Enterprise Job Manager provides comprehensive monitoring of SQL Server agent jobs across the entire SQL Server landscape. See what is scheduled to run and when it is running. Get up to the minute status information on currently running jobs.


  • Calendar View - View jobs and status in an easy to read calendar format. 
  • Manage Jobs - Easily create, edit and delete SQL Server agent jobs from the jobs console.
  • Notifications - Build configurable email alerts for jobs across your SQL Server environment to stay on top of issues. 
  • Web-Based Management Console - Login remotely from anywhere to monitor and manage your SQL Server agent jobs.
  • Dashboard View - Get an alert summary and schedule of the day’s jobs and their status.
  • Scalable Architecture - Customize the job status collection interval by instance to optimize the balance between performance and data.
  • Lightweight Web UI - Stand-alone web application; no need for IIS.

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