AdminStudio Standard 2020

Released: Jul 7, 2020

Updates in 2020


  • New Automation Features in Application Manager - In Application Manager, a new Automation tab has been added that enables you to automate importing, testing, wrapping, converting, and publishing of packages.
  • Support for Microsoft Intune - AdminStudio 2020 now supports Microsoft Intune.
    • Import - You can import packages in Intunewin format into the Application Catalog.
    • Distribution - You can publish packages in MSI and MSIX format to a Microsoft Intune distribution system.
    • Conversion - You can also convert MSI/EXE package to Intunewin format using the Conversion Wizard.
  • New PowerShell Cmdlets - AdminStudio 2020, several new API have been added to support automation.
    • Invoke-ASConvertPackage - Supports automated package conversions using an XML file that contains input parameters.
    • New-ASDistributionConnectionEx - Supports creating distribution connections using an XML file that contains input parameters. Note: Starting with AdminStudio 2020, this API replaces New-ASDistributionConnection, which is now obsolete.
    • Get-ASApplicationDetails - Returns details of applications in the Application Catalog.