AH CSS Formatter Standard Releases

March 14, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR4

  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • multi-column block with negative margin and footnote caused a premature page break. #19464
    • Absolutely positioned inline disappeared. #19594
    • font-face led to incorrect ‘outline' position. #19494
    • The option with relative file that referenced relative font-face fonts didn't resolve correctly in Linux. #19390
  • Other:
    • The PDF/X option corrupted PDF. #19271
    • The linearized option led to corrupt pdf if the document used an id with the...
January 24, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR3

  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • Inconsistent breaking of the contents in table headers that had rotated cells. #19104
    • Wrong named page selector was used for xhtml first page. #18979
    • Duplicated ::before and ::after elements with mixed languages with different writing modes. #19049
    • Incorrect font selected from @font-face options. #18897
  • Common:
    • Overlapping Thai accent marks with ‘HP Simplified AS Light' font. #19053
    • form-field couldn't set “named-action” as an...
December 06, 2018

Updates in V6.6 MR2


  • PDF Named Action can now be specified to an internal-destination.
  • In the digital signature field, it's now possible to specify whether to lock the document at the time of signature.


  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • A data with a table caused Formatter to crash. #18652
    • Incorrect padding of nested list markers. #18546
    • An image rotated with -ah-reference-orientation didn't scale correctly.#18241
    • string() didn't work with -ah-bookmark-label #18438
    • calc() did not work...
October 18, 2018

Updates in V6.6 MR1

  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • column-span caused a page overflow. #17982
    • column-span with display:table caused an inline overflow. #17982
    • ‘column-span: all' created an extra spacing at the top of the next page generated by a ‘break-before: always' element. #18228
  • Common:
    • The pxpi setting could lead to overflow with svg that used px for width and height.#18079
    • border-connection-form couldn't prevent ‘x' mark at border connections. #18229
  • Other:
    • Crash with a...
August 30, 2018

Updates in V6.6 R1


  • Support for Ethiopic and Syriac scripts. *
  • Now able to create PDFs with forms using HTML and CSS. *
  • Footnote breaking in CSS is now available as well as in FO.
  • Specifying the grouping of page number reference for CSS is now available. *
  • Now able to use @page with page selectors.
  • Specifying :last to any @page is now available.
  • Now able to specify the object-fit, object-position properties.
  • Specifying content-list for the bookmark-label value is now available.
  • Now able to add the content...
July 05, 2018

Updates in V6.5 MR6


  • When outputting multi-separate volumes, if there is a bookmark that uses an internal link, even if axf:outline-expand=”false” is specified, an improvement was added so that the bookmark is expanded in the target pdf.
  • In CJK, when axf:avoid-widow-words=”true” is specified, it is now possible to specify whether the ending punctuation counts as a character/word.


CSS - The following issues have been corrected:

  • A table inside the multi-column footnote body broke incorrectly. #17260
  • The...
May 17, 2018

Updates in V6.5 MR5


  • It is now possible to specify the color, style, and width for the border of the free text annotation.


CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • The processing of the :first-line pseudo-element caused poor performance.
  • -ah-keep-together-within-dimension didn't work with a table cell in a multi-column layout.
  • A page with only absolutely positioned content didn't display the running element in margins.
  • leader() couldn't use attr().

Other – The following issues have been...

March 29, 2018

Updates in V6.5 MR4


CSS – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Sidenotes in list items imposed on flowing text.
  • hanging-punctuation settings led to the extra line width with absolutely positioned blocks.
  • vertical-align was not applied to the table cell with the property -ah-reference-orientation.
  • The order of margin-box rendering changed between versions.
  • -ah-overflow-condense did not work on columns with max-height specified.
  • inline-block :before element crashed if :first-line was defined and it was...
February 08, 2018

Updates in V6.5 MR3


  • CSS - The following issues have been corrected:
    • The floats overflowed the page.
    • The footnote rendered before the content and an extra page break was generated.
    • The sidenote shift caused shifted sidenote to not use the baseline grid.
    • An odd breaking and unexpected gap were generated at the bottom of row-spanned table cell.
    • PDF could not be embedded when specified to be in multiple pages.
  • Other - The following issues have been corrected:
    • PDF embedding failed even if the PDF was embeddable...
December 14, 2017

Updates in V6.5 MR2



  • Float created as a sidenote could not be split and overflowed.
  • Float moved with ‘auto-next' used the incorrect text alignment.
  • Float caused another float defined in the :before element to overflow.
  • The :after inline element caused string() to use the wrong value.
  • An image incorrectly rendered as part of the next page sequence.
  • Multiple pages in the same element were selected using the :first page selector.
  • z-index was not applied to the image loaded with content:url.
  • Font fallback...