AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons)

AH Formatter Options (Add-on) products give you access to a wide variety of formatting options such as SVG Output, PANTONE color conversion into RGB or CMYK automatically and MathML drawing (included in Standard) which allows you to draw high resolution images in PDF. The Web Service Interface is an option that lets a client computer send via SOAP an XML file and a stylesheet to an AH XSL Formatter Server License and receive back a PDF document. It also includes folder monitoring services and dynamic selection of the option setting file, enhanced logging and additional output options.

AH Formatter Add-on Options:

Web Interface for Formatter further supports the use of AH Formatter running on the server via the Internet using SOAP/HTTP. Web Interface for Formatter now supports the formatting using CSS in addition to the ability to format XSL-FO easily from the client by supporting AH Formatter.

  • Simplifies client access to AH Formatter Server License via the internet.
  • Greatly reduces development time.
  • Simplifies support.
  • Easily lets one AH Formatter Server license be used for...

Latest News

AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V7.1 R1
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V7.1 R1
Adds support for Armenian and Georgian languages.
AH Formatter V6.6 MR5
AH Formatter V6.6 MR5
Adds ability to specify ‘createdate' and ‘modifydate' to <axf:document-info> / HTML <meta>.
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.6 MR2
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.6 MR2
Adds the ability to specify whether to lock the document at the time of the digital signature.
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR6
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR6
Improves bookmark functionality and accuracy of word counts.
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR5
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR5
It is now possible to specify the color, style, and width for the border of a free text annotation.
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR4
AH Formatter Options (Add-Ons) V6.5 MR4
Add additional formatting functionality to AH Formatter. Maintenance release includes several bug fixes.

Prices from: $ 2,940.00

AH Formatter Options require that you already own a full license of AH Formatter or AH XSL Formatter or AH CSS Formatter: Perpetual and Subscription Licenses: Perpetual End User Licenses grant the...

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