About Altova MapForce Enterprise Edition

Data mapping tools.

Altova MapForce is a graphical data mapping tool for any-to-any conversion and integration. Its powerful data mapping tools convert your data instantly and provide multiple options to automate recurrent transformations.

Altova Mapforce Features

Any-to-Any Mapping and Conversion of:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • Database data
  • Text and flat files
  • Excel
  • EDI
  • XBRL
  • Google Protocol Buffers
  • SOAP Web services
  • REST Web services

Data Mapping Tools in MapForce:

  • Graphical data mapping design
  • Data Integration
  • Data processing functions
  • Interactive data mapping debugger
  • Enterprise ETL
  • Any-to-many mapping projects
  • Chained data mapping transformations
  • Generates execution files for MapForce Server
  • Generates data mapping documentation
  • Generates royalty-free data conversion source code