About CCleaner Business Edition

PC optimization and cleaning.

CCleaner Business Edition optimizes endpoints to ensure your business runs efficiently - without you doing a thing. It cleans unnecessary files, recovers hard drive space, reduces crashes and speeds up endpoints automatically, whilst protecting privacy and security. CCleaner Business Edition cleans multiple user profiles, updates automatically, supports scripting and comes with priority technical support.

CCleaner Business Edition Features

  • Optimize endpoints - CCleaner speeds up endpoints and cleans out unnecessary files that take up valuable hard drive space. It also clears old Registry entries that can lead to instability.
  • Reduce IT support costs - Optimized endpoints mean less need for in-house or outsourced support. CCleaner Business Edition frees up IT resources to handle other tasks.
  • Maintain security - Advertisers and websites track your employees online with ‘cookies’ that stay on the endpoint. CCleaner erases these cookies so company data stays confidential.
  • Protect your company’s privacy - CCleaner can clear browser history, passwords, and other information. Employees can also use it to securely erase sensitive files to prevent data theft and other concerns. Increase productivity - CCleaner stops Windows from running unnecessary background programs during startup that slow endpoints down. The result is faster boot time and increased productivity. Increase ROI on existing hardware - By using CCleaner Business Edition on your existing endpoints, you can be sure to maximize your investment in existing infrastructure.