About UltraEdit All Access

Fully integrated editing and data management tools.

The UltraEdit All Access subscription license (formerly IDM All Access Subscription) provides you with a world leading file management solution, from the creation of a file to its eventual storage, retirement and deletion, UltraEdit All Access is an integrated, end-to-end solution trusted by millions. Develop your text in UltraEdit or UEStudio. Find and manage differences with UltraCompare. Quickly find missing files or the exact string you need using UltraFinder and securely transfer your important files with UltraFTP.

Benefits of the UltraEdit All Access Subscription:

  • Receive all 5 Windows applications - UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, UltraFTP and UEStudio.
  • Mac/Linux versions of UltraEdit and UltraCompare.
  • Mobility versions of UltraEdit and UltraCompare.
  • Single license key for all apps.
  • Easy-Access Download Manager.
  • 5 unique installs for each app (For personal single user subscription licenses only)
  • Free ongoing updates/upgrades for each app.

Easy Access Download Manager
The Easy Access download manager makes it easy to download, install and license all your UltraEdit apps.

  • Select your language
  • One click install.
  • Enter your license key to activate all the apps.

With UltraEdit All-Access and the Easy-Access download manager, have peace of mind knowing you're always eligible for the latest upgrades, enhancements, and support for all your apps for the duration of your subscription.

What's Included:

UltraEdit (UE) - Powerful, reliable text editor.
UltraEdit is the cornerstone. It's the canvas upon which we paint our code, our prose and so much more. This is where file creation begins, for the team here at IDM and millions of incredible customers around the world.

UEStudio (UES) - All the features of UltraEdit plus the power of an IDE.
UEStudio offers all the text editing functionality of UltraEdit and includes an array of powerful development features like compiler support, CVS/SVN, advanced web development tools, and more for larger scale development projects.

UltraCompare (UC) - File Compare, Folder Compare, and Merge Differences.
UltraCompare makes it easy to compare, merge and sync files and folders, even over FTP and network drives. See each difference before you decide to merge. Compare compressed file archives. You can even use UltraCompare to find duplicate files.

UE / UC Mobile - The power of UltraEdit & UltraCompare, wherever you need it.
Take the #1 selling, most powerful text editing and compare/sync solution with you: home, office, or onsite. Access the same countless features of UltraEdit/UltraCompare – all from your flash drive!

UltraFinder (UF) - Your personal search engine for your PC, network, and remote servers.
UltraFinder is the search engine for your PC, delivering the ability to quickly and precisely find what you need on your local disks, network volumes, removable drives and remote FTP file systems. Search the way you need to with UltraFinder.

UltraFTP (UFTP) - Secure FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.
UltraFTP is a 64-bit, UHD, native Unicode, native Windows FTP client, fully integrated with UltraEdit, UltraCompare and other UltraEdit applications. Use UltraFTP in conjunction with UltraEdit/UEStudio/UltraCompare, or as a stand-alone FTP app.