About dBarcode Developers Kit - Universal

Create barcodes from within your applications.

dBarcode Developers Kit - Universal allows developers to generate barcodes directly from within a variety of development environments. Includes an Active DLL for use in Visual Basic, VBA (eg MS Access) and C/C++, and Delphi components (based on TImage) for Delphi. A 32-bit OLE server is included for OLE-enabled Windows applications. Supports over 50 major barcode types including Code 128, Code 39, EAN and UPC.


  • Suitable for use with Visual Basic-6 or later, VBA and Visual C/C++
  • dBarcode 1D Developers Kit includes an Active DLL and full instructions for writing your own barcode applications in Microsoft Visual Basic, VBA or C/C++. An OLE-2 server for OLE-enabled Windows applications
  • Each unit enables the developer to set the code data, code type, size, human readable font properties and alignment, bearer bars, orientation, background and foreground colors all from within their application
  • Supports EAN/UPC, Code 39, Code 128/EAN 128, Codabar, Telepen, and many postal barcodes - over 50 coding schemes

Each unit generates both a pattern string for bars and spaces and a metafile picture or bitmap containing the barcode image. The picture may be displayed, printed, saved or passed to the clipboard by the user's code.Source code for demonstration applications in VB6, Visual C/C++ 6, Visual Studio.NET and Delphi included Full help system.