dotConnect for Magento

dotConnect for Magento is an ADO.NET provider for working with Magento data through the standard ADO.NET or Entity Framework interfaces. It allows you to easily integrate Magento data into your .NET applications, and integrate Magento services with widely used data-oriented technologies. dotConnect for Magento has the same standard ADO.NET classes as other standard ADO.NET providers: MagentoConnection, MagentoCommand, MagentoDataAdapter, MagentoDataReader, MagentoParameter, etc. This allows you quickly get started with it and eliminates the need to study any Magento data access specificities.

Work with Magento Data Easily - dotConnect for Magento makes it simple to create .NET applications, working with Magento data. It offers standard ADO.NET interface, and thus it's easy to master it. It's powerful design-time editors together with seamless Visual Studio integration allow you to work with Magento data with less efforts and less code writing.

Connecting to Magento from Server Explorer

  • Click Connect to Database on the Server Explorer toolbar.
  • Change Data Source to Magento Data Source...

Latest News

dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1181
dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1181
Adds support for Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 Preview.
dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1127
dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1127
Adds command-line interface in standalone Entity Developer.
dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1056
dotConnect for Magento V1.9.1056
Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview.
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.1019
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.1019
Adds support for Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 Preview.
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.1014
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.1014
Adds ShippingAddress fields to SalesOrder table in Magento V2.
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.985
dotConnect for Magento V1.8.985
Improves integration with Visual Studio 2019.

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IDE Compatibility
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

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