About EntityDAC

ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for Delphi with LINQ support.

EntityDAC provides a powerful framework that allows you to perform object-relational mapping of database objects to Delphi classes with full support for encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and other OOP features. To retrieve data from a database, LINQ is used as a database independent query engine. In addition, there is a feature-rich ORM modeling tool available - Entity Developer that allows you to create and edit your ORM models visually, and generate Delphi entity classes by this model automatically.

EntityDAC Features

Object-Relation Mapping

  • Clearer business logic by dealing with objects, hiding all the database-access layer.
  • Full encapsulation of the persistence mechanism. Saving, updating and loading of entities in an object-oriented way.
  • Multi-object actions.
  • Tool for automatic object model generation on the basis of database schema.
  • Mapping of arbitrary plain old Delphi classes using attributes.
  • Lazy loading of related entity/collection.
  • Entity cache provides object identity and maximally improves the performance.
  • Nullable types support.
  • Auto-generated property values.
  • Cascade save and delete operations.
  • Table-per-type and Table-per-hierarchy entity inheritance.
  • One-to-One, One-to-Many and Many-to-Many associations support.
  • Lifetime management of entities.
  • Using concepts and patterns such as Active Record, Entity, Value Object, Unit of Work, Repository and Aggregates.
  • Built-in validation.
  • Powerful visual designer EntityDeveloper with code generation support.
  • Cross-database development - once developed, an application can connect to different databases without any code modifications.
  • TEntity or any descendants from TObject can be used as a base class for mapped objects.
  • Powerful design-time capabilities.
  • IEnumerable-based easy-to-manipulate entity collections.
  • Live-binding support for any components.
  • TDataSet compatible components to manipulate data with standard and third-party data-aware controls binding support.
  • Submit and rollback all changes in context are supported.
  • Meta type inheritance support.


  • Using different databases without altering code.
  • Database schema generation on the basis of object model.
  • Most of well-known data-access component packs support out of the box.
  • Ability to create custom data-access providers.
  • A set of TDataSet compatible components to manipulate data.
  • Ability to bind controls and get data in design-time.

LINQ language

  • Based on native Delphi language but not string.
  • Rich syntax (support where, join, ordering, union, aggregates, quantifiers and partitioning methods).
  • Context tips (Code Insight) during editing.
  • Syntax check while compiling.
  • Query caching for performance.

Standard Edition Includes:

Entity Developer

  • Visual ORM Model Designer


  • Code-mapped Entities
  • Attribute-mapped Entities
  • XML-mapped Entities
  • Attribute-mapped Objects
  • Mapping Customization


  • Ordinal Meta Types
  • Complex Meta Types
  • Meta Type Inheritance
  • Generators
  • One-To-Many Associations
  • One-To-One Associations
  • Many-To-Many Associations

Data Context

  • Get Single Entity
  • Get Entity List
  • Save Entity
  • Submit & Reject All Changes
  • Direct SQL Execution
  • Deferred Relation Load


  • LINQ queries in Run-Time
  • LINQ Code Insight in IDE

Binding to Controls

  • Run-Time Live-Binding

Binding to Data-Aware Controls

  • Run-Time Binding

Design-Time Components

  • TEntityConnection
  • TEntityXMLModel
  • TEntityContext

Data-Aware Components

  • TEntityDataSource
  • TEntityDataSet

Devart Data Providers

  • UniDAC Data Provider
  • ODAC Data Provider
  • SDAC Data Provider
  • MyDAC Data Provider
  • IBDAC Data Provider
  • PgDAC Data Provider
  • LiteDAC Data Provider

Standard Data Providers

  • ADO Data Provider
  • IBX Data Provider
  • dbExpress Data Provider
  • FireDAC Data Provider

Third-Party Data Providers

  • BDE Data Provider
  • DOA Data Provider
  • FIbPlus Data Provider
  • NexusDB Data Provider
  • Zeos Data Provider

Professional Edition Includes (everything in the Standard Edition plus):

Data-Aware Components

  • TEntityTable
  • TEntityQuery

Binding to Data-Aware Controls

  • Design-Time Binding

Binding to Data-Aware Controls

  • Design-Time Binding


  • LINQ queries in Design-Time

Data Context

  • Create & Drop Database