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LepideAuditor for File Server

Automated auditing and real-time monitoring of file servers.

Published by Lepide Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2014

LepideAuditor for File Server

LepideAuditor for File Servers is a powerful file server auditing and reporting software. It gives an edge over the native file server auditing by providing various facilities that native file server auditing lacks. It helps you to get thorough details of each activity such as, who changed what, when and from where. Protect your organization from unauthorized access to sensitive business data.

LepideAuditor for File Server is a complete File Server auditing solution that tracks and reports File Server changes. A user can make different changes in File Servers such as read, edit, share, create, rename, delete, move, etc. to files, folders, permissions, and shared resources. LepideAuditor for File Server (LAFS) was developed to help keep track of all these potentially disastrous changes. The software provides detailed information for Who changed What, When, and from Where, and thus...

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LepideAuditor for File Server released
LepideAuditor for File Server released
Automated auditing and real-time monitoring of file servers.
One software license is required per server. Includes support and maintenance for 1 year. Please note that a unique license file is generated and sent to you by email. The software will work in a...
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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 2000