About Devolutions Server

Secure Password & Access Management for the Entire Organization.

Devolutions Server (formerly Devolutions Password Server) lets you control access to privileged accounts and manage sessions through a secure solution that can be deployed on-premises. When used in combination with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server becomes the single pane of glass of any IT department, integrating passwords and credentials vaulting with a robust and efficient remote connections management solution. While using the same backend, the Devolutions Server web interface offers your business users a simplified password management solution.

Managing and controlling access to privileged accounts and vaulting business user passwords are of the utmost importance for any organization. With the growing concern over insider threats and data breaches, the real challenge faced is finding the right balance between keeping an organization’s assets secure and allowing users to be productive. The remedy is a comprehensive, highly-secured vaulted password management solution that can control access to your privileged accounts, while also improving overall network visibility for sysadmins and providing a seamless experience for end users.

Used in combination with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server supports a wide range of systems focused on the IT department specific requirements. The solution can also be leveraged to manage shared accounts and users for your entire organization using Password Vault Manager and/or Devolutions' web-based client including Devolutions Web Login for auto-login capabilities.

Devolutions Server Features and Highlights

  • Password Storage and Management - Store and manage all your administrator and business user passwords in a secured and centralized vault.
  • Automatically Launch Connections - Automatically launch remote connections to servers, websites and applications.
  • Secure Access to Critical Assets - Securely share passwords and credentials with the members of your team on need-to-know basis.
  • Enterprise Ready - Enterprise features integrated directly to facilitate management of heavy number of privileged accounts and users.
  • Ease of Management - Eliminate password fatigue and the burden on administrators of using privileged account management.
  • Detailed Access Reports - Efficiently answer who, what and when questions regarding any privileged access account with real-time alerts and detailed reports.

Devolutions Launcher
Devolutions Launcher is a kind of “lightweight edition” of Devolutions' Remote Desktop Manager that integrates with Devolutions Password Server (DPS); a secure vault for privileged access management. Devolutions Launcher allows users and teams to securely launch remote sessions directly from their web browser.

Devolutions Launcher is not a stand-alone product and requires a fully configured installation of Devolutions Password Server to function properly. Once the Launcher App is properly configured, users can easily start a remote session via the Devolutions Password Server web application. Credentials and remote session information are sent to the Launcher App which then opens the embedded remote session. All privileged information is encrypted and securely transmitted by the application's API using industry standard Application-To-Application Password Management (AAPM) protocols.

In the past, it was only possible to launch a session from Devolutions Password Server (DPS) through Remote Desktop Manager. Now, thanks to Devolutions Launcher, there is a simpler alternative. Using the Launcher, simply click the open connection icon in DPS to automatically connect to your session.

Client Access License (CAL) Web-Based Password Management
The CAL, or Client Access License, is a user subscription allowing you to connect directly to the Devolutions Password Server through a web application. Please note that only password management is currently available with the web-based Devolutions Password Server application.