FinerEdge Publisher

FinerEdge Publisher allows you to drop dynamic publishing functionality into your applications for the automatic creation of customized and personalized product catalogs, reports, manuals, sales proposals, legal documents, and more by leveraging existing data resources and CSS/XHTML knowledge. Web-to-Print and Web based Report Writing functionality enables end-users to automatically create perfectly formatted print documents directly from their Web browsers. You can output to PDF, XPS, PostScript, RTF, HTML, XML, or application direct view and print. W3C and print industry compliant.

FinerEdge Publisher solves the problem of accessing, manipulating, formatting and outputting the data held in your ERP, CRM, inventory, and other data sources by automating the dynamic creation, localization, and publishing of precisely rendered web compatible documents. You can easily publish high-quality documents in formats such as PDF (all versions), PostScript (all versions), XPS, direct print and view, and more with perfect composition.

FinerEdge Publisher can easily create, insert, and...

Latest News

FinerEdge Publisher IDE upgraded
FinerEdge Publisher IDE upgraded
Version features upgraded IDE with new look and feel including adjustable themes.
FinerEdge Publisher adds PLOT tags
FinerEdge Publisher adds PLOT tags
Latest version lets you create plotting datasets from recordset data in a single tag.
FinerEdge Software

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  • ActiveX OCX
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  • Java Class
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