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GMSI.NET Unit Conversion Edit Box

Convert different engineering units automatically.

GMSI.NET Unit Conversion Edit Box

GMSI.NET Unit Conversion Edit Box provides an advanced edit box style data entry for engineering applications. It will automatically convert between engineering units, allowing users to enter or view values in familiar units. The user can select the units to be displayed (i.e. Metric or English). The control recognizes common unit abbreviations such as "in" for "inches" or "PSI" as "Pounds per Square Inch". UCB also recognizes and converts decimal precision. Categories of unit conversion are: time, length, angle, speed, acceleration, area, mass, volume, density, pressure, force, and work.

The UnitsTextBox control is a custom conversion tool. Its properties provide full control of decimals, units, and values. The measurements supported by the UnitsTextBox control include:

  • Angle - degree, radian, milliradian, second, minute, quadrant, grad, mil
  • Area - sqaure millimeter (mm2), square centimeter (cm2), square inch (in2), square foot (ft2), square yard (yd2), square meter (m2), square mile (mi2), square kilometer (km2), are (a), hectare, barn (b), section, township
  • Distance...
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free.

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  • .NET Class

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