Xceed Zip for x64

Xceed Zip for x64 is an easy to use ActiveX/COM data compression library built for x86-64 architecture. It features Zip, unzip, updating, converting, disk and memory streaming, AES encryption, no 4GB or file limit, various compression algorithms, filtering, split/spanned/self-extracting zip files, and much more.

Xceed Zip for x64 Features

Compression & Zip file technology

  • Supports WinZip 9.0 (and up) compatible AES strong encryption.
  • Fast, low memory usage compression engine.
  • 100% compatible with the PKZIP 2.04g format.
  • 100% compatible with the PKZIP 4.5 format.
  • Supports the Zip64 zip file format allowing the creation of Zip files of practically unlimited size (no 4 GB limit).
  • Supports the BZip2 (BWT) compression method for 15% to 20% better compression than Deflate on many popular file types...

Latest News

Xceed Zip for x64 V6.5
Xceed Zip for x64 V6.5
Improves self-extractor module.
Xceed Zip for x64 V6.5
Xceed Zip for x64 V6.5
Incorporates the latest Zip and compression standards.

Prices from: $ 1,244.55

Standard Subscription: Includes a perpetual license for the current version as well as any new versions or updates released for 1 year, for one named member of your development or testing team. Also...

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