Gudu SQLFlow

Gudu SQLFlow provides a visual representation of the overall flow of data. You can automate SQL data lineage analysis across databases, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), Business Intelligence, Cloud and Hadoop environments by parsing SQL scripts and stored procedures. It allows you to depict data movement graphically.

Gudu SQLFlow Features

  • Analyzes multiple SQL files at once.
  • Connects to the database to analyze data lineage in real-time.
  • Analyzes different data sources such as Redshift log, Snowflake query history, DBT scripts, etc.
  • Quickly discover data lineage relationships in enterprise data platforms.
  • Provides a Rest API interface to quickly integrate with your data governance platform.
  • Provides Java libraries to deploy to end users along with your data governance tools.
  • Provides a front-end UI library to...

Latest News

Gudu SQLFlow released
Gudu SQLFlow released
Provides a visual representation of the overall flow of data.

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Premium: One license is required per user, per year, In order to continue using the software after 1 year, you need to renew the subscription, The subscription includes all versions and upgrades...

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