About Infragistics WinChart

Data visualization is critical to understanding the numbers.

With Infragistics WinChart control you can easily create and customize the best visualization for your information to impress and enlighten your users. Infragistics WinChart offers intelligent Windows Forms charting and optimized settings so you can graph numerous 2D and 3D charts for .NET with incredibly rich, high fidelity. Infragistics WinChart includes all of the most familiar chart types such as bar, line, area and pie charts while at the same time making you just as productive when it comes to displaying more complex graphics such as financial candle, Gantt and radar charts. Infragistics WinChart Control includes over 50 2D and 3D Chart Types

Infragistics WinChart features at a glance:

  • Over 50 2D and 3D Chart Types.
  • Design-time Convenience – Custom wizard for designing single-layer or multi-layer charts, with optimized default presets to ensure you will make the best presentation of the chart type you have chosen to display.
  • Composite Charting – Build complex charts with Series Collections, Chart Area Collections and Chart Layers Collections.
  • Advanced Graphics – Use Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, Solid 3D, 2D or our custom Paint Elements to design the highest quality visual appearance.
  • Multiple Rendering – Choose from multiple image types for rendering.