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InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud

Easily create Cloud-ready and enterprise-ready virtual appliances that require no technical expertise to install.

Published by Revenera
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2020

Version: 2017 Updated: Nov 2, 2016


InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud (previously known as Enterprise Edition with Cloud Pack) is now available as part of InstallAnywhere.

About InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud

Easily create Cloud-ready and enterprise-ready virtual appliances that require no technical expertise to install.

InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud provides application producers with an easy and convenient solution to take their software to the Cloud. You can create both traditional on-premises installers and virtual appliances – all from a single InstallAnywhere project file. Give your customers the ability to install your products in their environment of choice.

InstallAnywhere Features

  • Multiplatform Installations - Save time by creating a single installation project to build installations for each of the platforms you support. Include advanced support for a wide range of databases, web sites, XML editing and much more with InstallAnywhere’s graphical development environment.
  • Support Platform Specific Installation Requirements - Read and set system environment variables, create aliases, shortcuts and links, execute platform-specific executables and shell commands, install to system-specific locations (such as the Windows Start Menu or the Apple OS X Dock), and register OS-dependent libraries. Manage Windows services and registry edits on Windows. Linux RPM integration enables installations to function with the operating system’s package management system.
  • Code Signing - Ensure installations run on Apple OS X by digitally signing installations to support Gatekeeper.
  • Software Identification Tagging - Create ISO 19770-2 software identification tags as part of the installation development process to support customer compliance and license management discussions.
  • Create Pure 64-Bit Installations - Support Windows Server Core in the modern data center by creating pure 64-bit installations.
  • Support for the Latest Editions of Windows
  • Support for the Latest Platforms
  • Windows Digital Signatures - Ensure applications install securely by digitally signing installation to support Windows User Access Control (UAC).
  • Silent, Console, and GUI installations - Support for a wide range of deployment scenarios. InstallAnywhere installations support running silently, via console, or through graphical wizards.
  • Merge Modules - Merge Modules enable you to reuse shared code for importing dialog panels and installation actions into a master project. Actions and panels imported from a Merge Module will be automatically refreshed when you load or build the master installation.
  • Multilingual Runtime Support - Present installation text in up to 30+ different languages for localizing installations.
  • Automation Interface - Support continuous integration practices and reduce manual editing by leveraging automation scripts to edit, build, and test installations via Java APIs.

InstallAnywhere Premier with Virtualization and Cloud Additional Features

  • Build Multi-Tier Virtual Appliances - Simplify evaluations and production deployments of multi-tier applications by bundling several virtual machines into a single enterprise-ready virtual appliance.
  • Streamline Virtual Appliance Builds - Build faster and easier by creating virtual appliances directly from existing virtual machines.
  • Support Emerging Technologies - Build 64-bit virtual appliances. 
  • Cloud-ready Virtual Appliances - InstallAnywhere Cloud Pack can deploy multiplatform applications automatically to Amazon EC2, facilitating migration to the cloud.
  • Enterprise-ready Virtual Appliances - Enable you to deploy multiplatform applications as enterprise-ready virtual appliances (OVF 1.1 compliant) for easy provisioning within your customers virtual machine infrastructure.
  • One Project,  Physical and Virtual Outputs - Enable application producers to create both physical and virtual outputs from one installation project file.
  • Direct Virtual Appliance Deployment - Deploy virtual appliances directly to VMware ESX and Amazon EC2 hypervisors for testing and production deployment.
  • OVF 1.1 Standard Support - OVF 1.1 offers the widest flexibility and build quality for virtual machines and is used by VMware, guaranteeing compatibility with the most hypervisors. 
  • Leverage Linux Package Repositories - Add additional application components and runtimes through either Web or Linux Package repositories.
  • Automated Virtual Appliance Build Process - Virtual appliances and virtual machine templates can be built using the InstallAnywhere Build engine or through Apache Ant tasks.

Multiplatform Installer Solution for Installing Software on Multiple Platforms
InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition is a powerful multiplatform installation solution for creating professional, customized installations for multiple platforms. This cross platform installer provides technology support, configuration options, user interaction and client/server features. The Enterprise Edition has full international support to create cross platform installers in 30+ different languages.

  • Customize installation panels, GUI, console actions and uninstallers.
  • Install native packages, such as RPM, on Linux, Solaris and HP-UX.
  • Simplify software deployment to the most popular operating systems with included platform-specific functionality.
  • Facilitate team development with expanded collaboration features.