InstallAnywhere Premier 2015 SP1 released

December 01, 2015

Updates in 2015 SP1

  • InstallAnywhere now supports the following platforms for the installer run-time environment, as well as for the InstallAnywhere authoring environment: OS X El Capitan (10.11) with Oracle Java 7 or 8.
  • OS X installers now correctly detect the specified locale for all languages and the locale selection panel of the installer correctly displays the associated locale. For example, if the system locale is set to Japanese, the locale selection panel on the installer will properly display Japanese as a selectable option.
  • After installing to a mounted Network File System (NFS) directory, the uninstaller will no longer remove any files that were not explicitly installed by the installer. Any new files added after the install are no longer removed by the uninstaller.
  • Log entries in the "Install File" string that are created by the Install SpeedFolder action are now correctly localized based on the installation's supported language.
  • When using a Copy File Action or Copy Folder Action to create duplicate files in the installation directory, the Required Disk Space value shown in the Pre-Install Summary Panel is now calculated correctly. The size of the files or folders that are copied are now added to the total required disk space.
  • String text for words Fatal Error and Non-Fatal Error are now translated to Brazilian Portuguese (Erros Fatais and Errors não fatais, respectively) in the standard installation log.
  • On Windows and Linux, with Java 7 and Java 8, the Installation directory text on the Custom Code Consoles Panel is no longer wrapping as had been the case in InstallAnywhere 2014 SP1 with Hotfix A and now displays correctly.
  • When an installer is launched and installed with a locale of Chinese (Simplified), the install log now displays the correct translation.
  • When you create a console installer with Polish locale enabled, if you include a Show Message Console 'Dialog' Console Action with at least two options enabled, only one colon is displayed after the prompt that asks for your selection.
  • When setting the Default File Overwrite Behavior  to Always prompt user (in the File Settings area of the General Settings view) and the user clicks the No button for the prompt to overwrite and clicks the No button for the prompt to overwrite LaunchAnywhere.icns, the uninstaller now launches and completes successfully without errors.
  • When you create a console installer with Chinese (Simplified) locale enabled, word wrapping will not occur when space is adequate.
  • Merge module advertised variable names in the parent project Install tab of the Organization page's Modules view now display correctly.
  • According to OVF standards, when a virtual appliance is built for VSphere 5 + hypervisor, the virtual machine version is 8.0. Accordingly, when creating a VMware vSphere 5 virtual appliance in InstallAnywhere, the OVF now displays "vmx-08" as the value for the tag 'VirtualSystemType' under System details.
  • When you create a virtual appliance in InstallAnywhere, values shown in the virtual appliance's first boot screen have been updated to inform that the virtual appliance was created with InstallAnywhere. Also, the Appliance URL field shown on the boot screen now displays the #hostname# to a properly resolved IP address.
  • CentOS 7 x64 virtual appliances created using InstallAnywhere can now be deployed on VMware vSphere 5.
  • InstallAnywhere supports virtual appliance deployment on VMware vCenter Server 5.5 if the virtual appliance was built with VSphere 5.0.
  • Environment variables containing spaces are enclosed within quotes.
  • Installers created with or without a Java virtual machine bundled with them now launch correctly (including but not limited to those with target applications using Java 8 Update 60 Release).
  • InstallAnywhere's Hotfix for Windows Launchers no longer causes the built installer to generate a Windows error on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The built installer launches successfully.
  • ADD commands in Dockerfile now copy files to the correct destination inside the Docker container.
  • After applying InstallAnywhere 2015 Public Patch and InstallAnywhere 2015 Boreas SP1 Patch installers on InstallAnywhere 2015 RTM, redundant folders are no longer created in the IA_HOME/Launchanywheres directory and the latest launchanywheres for all platforms are present inside the IA_HOME/Launchanywheres folder.
  • Any heap sizes that are set through the launcher properties are now being properly updated and picked up by the launchers instead of being taken from the IDE settings.