KendoReact R3 2022 (v5.7.0)

Released: Sep 14, 2022

Updates in R3 2022 (v5.7.0)


  • New React Theme: Microsoft Fluent Design System.
  • New ThemeBuilder and ThemeBuilder Pro for KendoReact.
    • Revamped KendoReact ThemeBuilder web application enables developers to quickly customize and style KendoReact components.
    • Now twice as fast, the improved tool also offers the ability to work on multiple projects and save them across sessions.
  • New Component: React Signature.
  • All React Components: Support for the Latest Version of TypeScript (4.7.3).
  • Badge:
    • Update badge options.
  • Charts:
    • Add subtitle.


  • Badge:
    • Restore deprecated properties.
  • Dropdowns:
    • Correct icon when iconClass is present.
    • onBlur is triggered after expand icon click.
  • Indicators:
    • Address always truthy check.
  • Inputs:
    • Correct kendo-drawing dependency.