Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition

Liquid Studio provides an advanced toolkit for XML and JSON development. The Development Environment contains a complete set of tools for designing XML and JSON data structures and schemas. These tools provide editing, validation. For novice or expert, the intuitive interface and comprehensive features will help you save time and money delivering a successful project.

Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition Features

Text Editors

  • Including CSS, CSV, DTD, xHTML, JSON, RSS, TXT, WSDL, XDR, XQuery, XML, XSLT, XSD editing.
  • Auto complete Intellisense.
  • Colour coded text.
  • Outline (collapsible sections).
  • Multi-step undo / redo.
  • Validation against schema standards.

Web Service Tools

  • Generate SOAP request message (with content).
  • Execute web methods & view the results.

Projects and Source Control

  • Project tree containing all files.
  • Source control integration for SVN, Git and...

Latest News

Liquid Studio v20.6.1
Liquid Studio v20.6.1
October 12, 2023New Version
Adds wizards to convert JSON Schema to XML Schema and vice versa.
Liquid Studio v20.6
Liquid Studio v20.6
August 15, 2023New Version
Improves application start up time and adds new 'Rename' option to rename matching tags in XML documents.
Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition v20.5.0.12573
Liquid Studio XML Editor Edition v20.5.0.12573
July 27, 2023New Version
Improves database connection handling.
Liquid Studio v20.2.4.11877
Liquid Studio v20.2.4.11877
February 2, 2023New Version
Improves 'Find in Files' tool and 'Project Tree' performance.
Liquid Studio v20.1.0.11669
Liquid Studio v20.1.0.11669
September 21, 2022New Version
Adds the option to run XQuery and XSLT from the command line.
Liquid Studio v20.0.6.11591
Liquid Studio v20.0.6.11591
August 4, 2022New Version
Improves XPath Query Builder functionality.

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