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Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint

Convert Office documents to PDF from within SharePoint.

Published by Muhimbi
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2009

Version: 8.2 Updated: Dec 23, 2016

About Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint

Convert Office documents to PDF from within SharePoint.

Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint allows end-users to convert, split, merge, OCR, watermark and secure common document types such as MS-Word, InfoPath, MSG/EML (email), AutoCAD, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, ODF, TIFF, JPG and PNG from within SharePoint using a friendly interface, custom Nintex, K2 and SharePoint Designer workflows or even a Web Service call. The product also comes with powerful watermarking and PDF merging engines.

The PDF Converter supports the most popular file formats encountered in a typical office environment. For Example: MS-Word (doc, docx, docm, rtf, txt, xml, odt, wps), InfoPath, Excel (xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xml, csv, dif, ods), PowerPoint (ppt, pptx, pptm, xml, odp, pps, ppsx, ppsm), MS-Publisher, Viso (vsd, vdfx, svg, svgz), Images (gif, png, jpg, bmp, tiff), AutoCAD, HTML and even e-mail (msg, eml) files stored in mail enabled Document Libraries. All Office versions from '95 up to the latest version are supported.

Cross-conversion between file types such as xls to xlsx, docx to doc, xls to doc and even InfoPath to MS-Word, Excel and HTML is supported as well.

Compatible with your SharePoint environment

  • Office SharePoint Server: When running on MOSS rather than on WSS, additional functionality becomes available to visually browse for the destination folder.
  • Workflow enabled: Use the converter from a friendly user interface or use SharePoint Designer / Nintex Workflow to integrate document conversion into your own custom process.
  • SharePoint WSP Solutions: The PDF converter is automatically deployed to all servers in a farm using a standard WSP file.
  • SharePoint Features: The PDF Converter can be activated or deactivated at the Web Application level. Once active it can be accessed from all Site Collections in the web application.
  • Sorting and Filtering: Users can sort or filter the conversion results using a user interface they are already familiar with.
  • Context Sensitive: The various PDF conversion options are available from the file and folder menu as well as the Actions Menu.
  • SharePoint Audit Log: When enabled, document conversions are reported in the SharePoint Audit Log.
  • SharePoint Trace Log: Document conversions, successful as well as unsuccessful ones, are written to the SharePoint trace log.
  • Windows Event Log: Unexpected errors, such as corrupt documents, are reported in both the trace log and the Windows Event log.
  • SharePoint Security: The system prevents the user from converting documents to folders / libraries or sites they don't have access to.
  • Localisation: Currently available in English, Dutch, Japanese, French, Traditional Chinese and German. Additional languages are added based on demand.

A lightweight solution

  • The Muhimbi PDF Converter is a small 40MB download that can either be deployed on your SharePoint Web Front End server or on a completely separate server or virtual machine.