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NetZoom Pro

Collaboratively manage IT and data center infrastructure assets.

Published by Altima Technologies
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2013

Version: 15 Updated: Oct 15, 2015

NetZoom Pro

NetZoom Pro is the advanced multi-user web version of NetZoom, it is ideal if you have a team of users who would like to collaboratively manage IT and data center infrastructure assets, rack elevations, floor layouts, and generate reports and Visio Diagrams. NetZoom Pro is packed with hundreds of additional features, report templates and diagramming templates for your use to help you professionally manage your assets easily. NetZoom Pro is offered as a renewable 12- month subscription available either On Premises or SaaS. This product fits the needs of small to medium sized data centers.

NetZoom is a DataCenter Worker Solution that helps professionals design and document the physical infrastructure of networks and datacenters. It has been the perfect companion solution for Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD. With NetZoom Premium, network professionals can discover their entire network and monitor their network assets in real-time. NetZoom also enables creation of quality network diagrams, floor layouts, and rack elevations. At its core is the world's largest library of...

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NetZoom Pro 15
NetZoom Pro 15
Data center asset management made easy.
One software license is required per user, per year. NetZoom is available as a 12 month subscription in the form of single-user licenses or multi-user licenses (three-user, five-user, or ten-user...
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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7