About PowerSNMP Network Manager

Quick access to SNMP managed devices and agents on your network.

PowerSNMP Network Manager is a low-cost, lightweight, easy-to-use network management application. Ideal for providing quick access to SNMP managed devices and agents on your network. Use the PowerSNMP Network Manager's discovery feature to discover network devices and SNMP Agents. Query and monitor discovered devices, configure alerts, load custom MIBS, and more. There is no limit to the number of devices you can monitor with the PowerSNMP Network Manager. The application is licensed by machine meaning you never have to worry about your application shutting down once hitting a device connection limit. Support for SNMP v1, v2, and v3 included.

PowerSNMP Network Manager Features

  • Network Discovery - Easily discover SNMP Agents and Network Devices using enhanced network discovery tools. SNMP device discovery functions by either sending an SNMPv1 broadcast over a specified subnet, or by sending SNMPv1 requests to a range of IP addresses. For devices that do not support SNMP operations, ping-based discovery is available.
  • Network Monitoring - Monitoring discovered devices is simple and easy. PowerSNMP Network Manager supports network device monitoring by configuring watches for devices. It supports two main watch types that can be set; ping-based watches and SNMP-based watches. Ping-based watches provide device up-time monitoring, while SNMP-based watches are capable of monitoring any SNMP variable that a device may support. All watches have a configurable update interval that specifies how often a watch should execute, as well as an option to report failures via email. PowerSNMP Network Manager also supports SNMP Trap monitoring.
  • SNMP Features - PowerSNMP Network Manager supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3, including SNMPv3 security features such as AES encryption. These feature are FIPS-compliant, excluding MD5 and DES. PowerSNMP Network Manager also supports the loading of device specific MIB files, for monitoring SNMP Agent variables, not included by default.