About Noemax360

All Noemax components in a single subscription for maximum performance benefits.

Noemax360 gives you full access to PowerWebSockets (real-time bi-directional communications between devices, browsers, desktops and servers), WCF-Xtensions (boost the performance of your WCF clients and services), FastInfoset.NET (minimize XML size with this ultra-compact, interoperable, standards-based binary encoding) and DotNetCompression (real-time compression library).

Noemax360 includes the following individual products:

  • WCF-Xtensions
  • PowerWebSockets
  • FastInfoset.NET
  • DotNetCompression

WCF-Xtensions Features

  • WebSocket Transport - The WebSocket transport offers full-duplex channels over a single TCP connection that enable both clients and servers to send text and binary data to each other whenever they like.
  • Lightweight JSON Messaging - The JSON message encoding enables any WCF client or server to communicate using LiteJM with any other WCF or PowerWebSockets client or server that also uses LiteJM.
  • Fast Infoset Message Encoding - The Fast Infoset message encoding of WCF-Xtensions produces the most compact messages compared to any system-provided message encondings available in WCF.
  • HTTP Content Negotiation - The HTTP content negotiation binding element enables you to support multiple message encodings and compression methods on the same endpoint for serving different clients.
  • Message Compression - The message compression binding element supports compression of request and response messages over any transport and with configurable compression level and threshold.
  • Transport Compression - The transport compression stream upgrade offers super fast, stateful, transport-level compression for improved performance of the NetTcp transport even with transport security.
  • Compact Envelope - The compact envelope behavior is excellent for improving compactness and accelerating encryption when using message security or when the configuration cannot be changed.
  • LiteHTTP Transport - The LiteHTTP transport provides a high-performance, lightweight HTTP/HTTPS implementation with embedded HTTP content negotiation and compression.
  • SOAP/TCP Transport - The SOAP/TCP transport provides interoperability between WCF and Tomcat, Glassfish as well as other Java application servers that expose SOAP/TCP endpoints.

PowerWebSockets Features

  • Truly Bi-directional - Create WebSocket servers and clients that can send text and binary data whenever they like to other WebSocket clients or servers over single-TCP, full-duplex channels.
  • High Performance - Its asynchronous design, adaptive resource management and transport compression provide high responsiveness, low memory use and minimal bandwidth consumption.
  • High Throughput Mechanisms - The Push-to-All and Transparent Burst Messaging mechanisms help you create your own messaging system capable of pushing millions of messages per second.
  • Lightweight JSON Messaging - JSON's format simplicity and WebSocket's communication advantages are combined in a powerful communication framework for building real-time apps and services.
  • Common API at Both Ends - With PowerWebSockets there is little distinction between clients and servers. Channels provide the same functionality at both ends and services can act both as servers and as clients.
  • Streaming for Big Data - The WebSocket API of PowerWebSockets represents each inbound or outbound message as a .NET stream, allowing you to efficiently transfer messages of arbitrary size.
  • Easy TLS Security - Activate TLS just by switching from "ws:" to "wss:" and providing a certificate. You can perform TLS authentication of servers and clients as well as HTTP basic authentication.
  • Internet of Things - Ready for the Internet of Things? With the extended capabilities of PowerWebSockets, you can create servers even out of iOS, Android and Compact Framework devices.
  • Interoperable With All - Interoperable with all WebSocket servers, desktops, devices and browsers including IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IIS, Apache, Nginx and many more.
  • More Features - The advanced keep-alive mechanism helps you to ensure that connections remain alive, while its tracing support enables you to trace your applications locally or remotely.
  • WCF Transport - WCF we still love you! A WebSocket transport binding element for WCF with near-universal availability, higher performance and support for ultra-fast compression is included.
  • Cross Platform - You can use PowerWebSockets in projects targeting .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Windows Phone, Silverlight and Mono.

FastInfoset.NET Features

  • Ultra Compact - Enables you to reduce XML size more than by using the Binary XML encoding of .NET or by compressing the text XML encoding of .NET.
  • The Fast Infoset Standard - Fast Infoset is a binary encoding of the W3C XML Information Set that has been standardized by the ISO and ITU.
  • Widely Interoperable - FastInfoset.NET has passed all interoperability tests performed by fi-interop with other Java, C/C++ and C# implementations of Fast Infoset.
  • Blends into .NET - You can switch from the system-provided text encoding to the Fast Infoset encoding with practically no changes in your code.
  • No XML Schema Required - Encoding and decoding can be entirely schema-less, enabling you to decode FI documents of unknown structure.
  • Roundtrips to Text - You can easily convert from the text encoding to the Fast Infoset encoding and back to the text encoding without losing information.
  • Efficient with Binary Data - Quickly encodes binary data like images, videos and other opaque items in their native format without converting them to a text-based format.
  • WCF Message Encoding - Includes a message encoding for WCF that does wonders by producing more compact messages than any system-provided encoding for WCF.
  • Cross Platform - Available for .NET, .NET CF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Windows Phone, Xbox, Silverlight, Mono and as PCL.

DotNetCompression Features

  • LZF4 - The LZF4 algorithm is so fast that it appears to require no processing effort.
  • DEFLATE/ZLIB/GZIP - The DEFLATE/ZLIB/GZIP of DotNetCompression are not just the fastest managed implementations, they are even faster than the system-provided implementations of .NET.
  • LZMA/BZIP2 - When maximum compression is required and speed is not an issue, LZMA and BZIP2 can reduce size more than any of the other compression methods.
  • Real-time Performance - You pump data endlessly and as fast as you can. Now all you need is streaming compression that doesn't slow you down.
  • Excellent with Big Data - Is decompression the bottleneck during the retrieval of your data? The LZF4 and DEFLATE of DotNetCompression are designed for astounding decompression throughput.
  • Internet of Things - In order to conserve resources, IoT devices require compression with a low processing overhead and low memory footprint. DotNetCompression offers both.
  • WCF compression - Included are two ready-to-use binding elements that boost the performance of WCF clients and services, one for message compression and another for transport compression.
  • Compression Analysis Tool - The CAT is the only tool of its kind: it enables you to benchmark the performance of the available compression methods using your own data and to create comparison charts.
  • Cross Platform - Available for .NET, .NET CF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Windows Phone, Xbox, Silverlight, Mono and as Portable Class Libraries.