Rebex Security 7.0.8581

Released: Jun 29, 2023

Updates in 7.0.8581


  • Security: Added Argon2 class which implements the Argon2 memory-hard password hash algorithm.
  • Security: Added Blake2b, Blake2b256, Blake2b384 and Blake2b512 classes which implement the BLAKE2 cryptographic hash and MAC algorithm.
  • Security: Added Rebex.Security.Cryptography.HKDF class.
  • Cryptography: Added API for CRL distribution endpoints with multiple CRL entries.
  • Cryptography: Added Certificate.Bind methods.
  • Cryptography: Added CertificateStoreName.WebHosting enum value.
  • Cryptography: Added CertificateStoreOpenFlags and corresponding CertificateStore constructors.
  • Cryptography: AesGcm and ChaChaPoly1305 classes have been moved from Rebex.Common assembly to Rebex.Security.
  • Cryptography: Certificate.Extensions collection is now read-only.
  • Cryptography: Deprecated EncryptValue/DecryptValue methods in RSAManaged class.
  • Cryptography: Improved loading of Y-less legacy DSA keys in FIPS-only mode on .NET 6/7 in Microsoft Windows.
  • Common: Optimized internal Task.Run methods on old platforms.
  • Common: Optimized internal WhenAll/WhenAny Task combinators on old platforms.


  • Cryptography: Fixed legacy serialization CertificateException constructor.