Remote Desktop Manager macOS Edition 2024.1.8.6

Released: May 7, 2024

Updates in macOS Edition 2024.1.8.6


  • Added support for Azure Directory Interactive.
  • Added support for passkey credential entry.
  • Added the task dashboard to execute script.
  • Added a SSH Keys counter on the main dashboard.
  • Added AD interactive login to SQL Server.
  • Added the option to run Entry commands in a dedicated terminal.
  • Updated the Attachment Window to be a tab like Microsoft Windows.
  • Updated the Connection Events tab to be on par with Windows.


  • Fixed an issue with 1Password OTP.
  • Fixed an issue with 1Password Service account.
  • Fixed an issue with private keys with "Open embedded SFTP/SCP" on SSH entries.
  • Fixed an issue with RDP not updating it cursor.