Sencha Test 2.3.0

Released: Sep 10, 2019

Updates in 2.3.0


Updated Sep 10, 2019


  • npm stc-cli packages - provides the stc-cli through npm, so it’s easy to run your tests on any build system.
  • Added Select Option Future - Quickly find the select html element on your web page and test it.
  • Build Systems
    • Added Travis CI Support.
    • With npm support, run on any system.
    • Improved TeamCity testing support.
  • Browser Farms Improvements
    • Added BrowserStack support.
    • Improved sauce labs support.
    • Improved browser farm support.
  • ExtAngular
    • You can now test your ExtAngular applications using the inbrowser mode.
  • Improvements
    • Improved backend support.
    • Improved native iOS support BrowserStack and Saucelabs farms.
    • Improved native Android support on BrowserStack and Saucelabs farms.
    • Updated and improved the Chrome drivers support.
    • Improved error handling support.
    • Improved Ext JS modern toolkit grid support.
    • Improved Ext JS SVG support.
    • Improved Ext JS D3 support.
    • Improved reliability.