SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL Releases

Released: Feb 1, 2024

Updates in v8.9.5


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL now monitors SkySQL file based log monitoring for Slow query, Error log and Audit log files. This release includes operating system metrics monitoring, with the exception of CPU monitoring.
  • Users can now specify the long running query time inside the query by adding a comment like {Monyogslowquerytime=[TimeInSeconds]} in the respective query. This overrides the "LONG RUNNING QUERY TIME" specified in the Edit Server -> Processlist -> Long running...

Released: Sep 13, 2022

Updates in v8.9.4


  • SQL DM for MySQL now runs properly in Debian 10 and 11.

Released: Nov 6, 2021

Updates in v8.9.3


  • Now shows a notification in the UI when unable to send an Alert message due to incorrect settings.

Released: Sep 11, 2020

Updates in v8.9.2


  • Can now analyze audit logging in Amazon Aurora Server.

Released: Dec 6, 2019

Updates in v8.9


  • Added query load profiling to Query Analysis.
  • New interface for Query Details for easier query performance analysis over time.
  • Improved enterprise security
    • Ability to restrict access to individual custom dashboards.
    • Option to hide literals in SQL statements.
    • Option to remove default administrative user.
    • Improved audit log filtering.
    • Configurable SNMP trap format.


  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Released: Mar 6, 2019

Updates in v8.8


  • Monitor Google Cloud SQL server operating system metrics.
  • Monitor Google Cloud SQL server file-based log for General Query, Slow Query, and Error Log files.

Released: Aug 16, 2018

Updates in v8.7.0


SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is the newest addition to the SQL Diagnostic Manager family from IDERA. Rebranded from the popular Monyog (by Webyog, aqauired by IDERA) product for monitoring performance of MySQL and other MySQL compatible databases, SDM for MySQL is a comprehensive solution to monitor, alert, and diagnose the availability, health, and performance of MySQL, or MariaDB in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Much like the existing SQL Diagnostic Manager for...

Released: Apr 4, 2018

Updates in v8.6.0


  • A Galera cluster can now be automatically registered specifying any single node in the cluster.
  • Optimized counter migration logic to greatly reduce migration conflicts on upgrading Monyog. A conflict will be raised on upgrade only if any counter definition is modified in the latest release and the user has also customized the same counter.
  • Added more columns for Slow Query log (for MariaDB and Percona Server) like full_scan, full_join etc. These values are written to Slow query log when...

Released: Jan 8, 2018

Updates in v8.4


  • Added more notification channels (Slack and Pagerduty) for Monyog alerts.
  • Option to write Monyog alerts in the Syslog of the machine where Monyog is installed. This option is only available for Linux.
  • Option to edit the subject line for Monyog alerts.
  • Added MONyog API to disable notification for a monitor based on a server/tag.
  • Complete re-design of the Settings page.


  • Export as CSV was downloading sorted based on "Average latency" column, even if sorted based on another column in...

Released: Nov 9, 2017

Updates in v8.3.2


  • Fixed - Issue regarding access to log files on RDS. The issue occurred because the XML response from the RDS REST API has recently changed in some cases. Monyog XML parsing was improved to handle this.