Total Network Inventory 4.3.0

Released: Nov 25, 2019

Updates in 4.3.0


  • SAM: Added ability to automatically merge different versions of the same software.
  • SAM: Added new field for software type (commercial/shareware/freeware).
  • SAM: Added option to upload a software icon.
  • SAM: Added special tag allowing you to hide programs from the list.
  • SAM: Added notification of imminent expiration of license.
  • SAM: Search by full or partial license key.
  • SAM: Improved software filtering options.
  • SAM: Improved context menu and other interface elements.
  • SAM: Improved user experience with software tags.
  • Mac agent: Added support for scanning macOS Catalina.
  • Network map: Added welcome screen.
  • New assistant: Added asset lists.
  • Viewer and reports: Added new field “Scan Method”.
  • Improved user experience when working with the list of users.
  • Improved collection of information on the software installation date.
  • Improved collection of information about software installed in the per-user context.
  • Improved report building and its cancellation.