Total Network Inventory 5.0

Released: May 3, 2021

Updates in 5.0


  • Added a new task scheduler.
    • Separate Scheduler for each storage - The scheduler is now located on a separate tab so each TNI storage can now have a unique set of Scheduler tasks.
    • You can create a schedule for:
      • Network scanning.
      • Building and sending table reports.
      • Synchronization with AD.
      • Creating a backup copy of the storage.
      • Importing new data into the storage.
    • You can now schedule various tasks with maximum flexibility at exactly the time and frequency that suits you. Some of the new features include:
      • Flexible configuration of frequently repetitive tasks, for example, to perform scanning in a loop.
      • Scheduled table reports can now be generated based on any groups of your storage and multiple reports can be generated at the same time.
      • You can now specify individual synchronizable objects for scheduled synchronization with AD.
      • Skipped tasks can be automatically executed after TNI is started, if the ‘Run skipped tasks’ option is enabled.
      • Any scheduled task can be run in ‘Silent mode’ without distracting you or creating entries in the Application events log.
      • Any task can be interrupted by the user at any time.