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    Brand: AutoDWG
    Primary Category: Engineering Applications
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    Description: Protect AutoCAD drawing files (dwg/dxf) from being copied or modified. DWGLock is a powerful and fast DWG tool, protecting drawing files from being modified or copied. It is a stand-alone application requiring no AutoCAD. Fetures include powerful ... Read more

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    Description: Convert DWG, DXF and DWF to PDF directly without AutoCAD. DWG2PDF-X is an ActiveX component that allows you to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, and DWF to PDF, directly without the need for AutoCAD. Convert a single file or an entire folder in batch mode. ... Read more

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    Description: Find differences between versions of AutoCAD drawings. AutoDWG DWG Compare ActiveX allows you to compare different versions of AutoCAD drawings and display the differences graphically. DWG Compare ActiveX displays the differences in views, using ... Read more

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    Description: Convert DWG/DXF/DWF files into GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG without AutoCAD. DWG2ImageX is an ActiveX component which allows you to convert DWG/DXF/DWF file into GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG directly, without need of AutoCAD. You can add font path and xref path, set image ... Read more

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    Description: Convert DWG/DXF to DWF without AutoCAD. DWG2DWF-X is a COM component for converting DWG to DWF. It supports AutoCAD version R14 to AutoCAD 2016 and DWF version 6.0. DWG2DWF-X supports three types of dwf format: ASCII, Binary and Compressed Binary and ... Read more

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    Description: Extract attribute values from the DWG files. AttributeX is an ActiveX component that lets developers extract or modify attribute values from dwg files directly without the need of AutoCAD. Extract attribute values from dwg files, add or modify attribute ... Read more

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    Description: Extract or modify attribute values in dwg files directly without AutoCAD. Attribute Extractor helps you batch extract attribute data from AutoCAD attribute blocks without AutoCAD. Key features include stand-alone application, run without AutoCAD. Batch ... Read more

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    Description: Convert DWF to editable DWG files, supporting AutoCAD drawing R14-2019. DWF to DWG converter helps you convert DWF to editable DWG file, supporting AutoCAD drawing R14-2019. Features include support for new DWF v6.0 multi page specification, all DWF ... Read more

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    Description: Batch convert DWG/DXF to DWF without AutoCAD. AutoDWG DWG to DWF converter allows you to batch convert DWG/DXF to DWF without AutoCAD. Key features include converting DWG/DXF to DWF without AutoCAD. SHX, Xref and line width is supported. Three types of ... Read more

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    Description: Easily share and publish AutoCAD drawings on the Web. AutoDWG's DWG to Flash converter provides you with an integrated solution to DWG file sharing and publishing on the Web. Features include converting DWG/DXF to Flash, additional viewer or plug-in ... Read more