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  1. What's New: What's new in GTP.NET 6 New scrollbar has been added to allow scrolling in time from TimeScrollMinDate to TimeScrollMaxDate New time item drawing style has been added to better facilitate use of screen space and time precision allowing users to have ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in SharePoint Column/View Permission v4 Support SharePoint 2013 and 2010 Support hiding columns in datasheet view Provide a central page for permission settings Support preview permission part settings More powerful conditions Support ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in Collabion Charts for SharePoint v2.1.0 New Features: Added Top 'N' filers. Added support for Database Views. Added support for ODBC data source. Added two new chart types (Kagi and Step Line). Added support for drill down in ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in SharePoint Permissions Boost V3 Web services support Column View Permission API included Read-only column on object model level Specify default view for every user Disable create or edit views Support "Alert Me" emails Read ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in SharePoint Permission Workflow V3 Assign permissions based on content types (Document, Item, Folder and Document Set). ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in DBI Calendar WPF v2.0 Model-View-ViewModel controller - full support for MVVM UserDrawn Functionality has been extended to allow for more discrete implementation - New before and after Events added Integrated XML has been removed and ... Read more

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    What's New: What's new in SharePoint List Collection V3 Improved performance ... Read more

  8. What's New: What's New in dtSearch 7.64? Enhancements (dtSearch Engine) Added dtsSearchLanguageAnalyzerSynonyms flag to enable using a language analyzer to generate morphological variations on a search term at search time. When this flag is set, the language ... Read more

  9. 9. Gaia Ajax Archived

    Brand: Gaiaware
    Primary Category: UI & Interaction Components

    What's New: Gaia Ajax 3.7 Release - What's New Visual Studio 2010: Gaia Ajax now fully supports VS.NET 2005, 2008 and 2010 Ajax: All controls now fully utilize the advanced ajax engine Features: Lots of new and exciting features in controls and aspects Samples: ... Read more

  10. 10. Infowise Ultimate Forms Bundle Archived

    Brand: Infowise
    Primary Category: Form Components

    What's New: What's New in Infowise Ultimate Forms All Infowise products are now compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. ... Read more