Intelligent Converters Testimonials

I'm happy to say that your converter has been admirable and so useful - I've converted 2 big MS SQL databases to MySQL and another 2 smaller access databases to MySQL for another client. Thank you.

Neil Wakeling, DancingDog Web Design.

MS SQL Migration Toolkit Testimonials

These converters have saved me many hours of work and have converted millions of records of data flawlessly. The quality far exceeds the price.

Robert Lyons

MySQL Migration Toolkit Testimonials

I was struggling with ODBC and manually exporting my table. This wonderful utility makes it easy for me to schedule a Win7 task to do this, as often as it needs to be done.

John L. Dove, Business Management Research Associates, Inc.

Oracle Migration Toolkit Testimonials

Intelligent Converts went above and beyond for our migration needs. Couldn't be happier with the service and product.

Matt Myers,

OraDump Export Kit Testimonials

Having never touched the Oracle database system I thought extracting data from a dump file would be difficult. With OraDump to MySQL its point and click and so so easy.

Matt Leyland, Key Computer Applications.

PostgreSQL Migration Toolkit Testimonials

I am fully satisfied with your product and have already used this application in dozens of my new projects.

Dhurba Joshi