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EC Software was originally founded in 1993 and went a long way from the initial small one-man shop for point-of-sale software to the documentation tools specialist that it is today. With the first release of Help and Manual in 1997 the company changed its business focus to documentation software and developer tools. Today, Help and Manual is one of the best selling and most popular help authoring tools world-wide.

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Franz-Josef-Strasse 23
5020 Salzburg
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm CET (UTC+1.00)


News Headlines

Help & Manual V6.4 released
Conditionally include or exclude entire table rows and columns.
Help & Manual add Webhelp Context Numbers
Display a particular topic by referencing the topic ID in the URL.
Help & Manual 6 supports Webhelp 2.0
Publish all standard Windows help formats including HTML Help, Webhelp and Visual Studio Help.
Help & Manual improves Robohelp import
Version 5.6 also exports high Unicode characters, with standard fonts, as glyphs in PDF files.
Help & Manual improves metafile scaling
Version 5.5.1 also features improved PDF export and supports leading and trailing spaces in topic variables.