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Since 2000, Neos Eureka have been developing and marketing EurekaLog, a powerful Borland Delphi and C++Builder tool that gives your GUI, console, or Web application the power to catch all exceptions and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks. They empower customers with tools to improve the reliability of their software and drastically lower their beta testing time and bug resolution costs.

For me and my company, EurekaLog is such a vital component in the solution I provide, that I just won't ship software without it. EurekaLog improved the reliability of our software by revealing bugs I just could not hit in my test environment. It's just like Poor man's Dr. Watson (MS error reporter).

Erez Amir, Senior Engineer,

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EurekaLog v7.7.5
EurekaLog v7.7.5
Delphi/C++Builder exception tracer tool, catch all exceptions & memory leaks, detects infinite-loops & deadlocks.