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okACCEDO is a young and agile Italian Enterprise. The founder conceived and designed a solution to create an inclusive digital tool aimed at helping those who require additional assistance. okACCEDO is concerned not only with the need to make physical places functional and accessible, but also to make digital services and systems accessible. okACCEDO is designed in an inclusive way for the whole community, for a network without digital barriers. Easy to implement, user-friendly, but above all...

Latest News

okACCEDO v1.2
okACCEDO v1.2
Includes improvements to the Screen-Reader and Zoom functions.
okACCEDO released
okACCEDO released
Makes your website accessible to all, allowing end users to surf the web without barriers.

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Professional Partner
As official and authorized distributors since 2022, ComponentSource supplies you with legitimate licenses directly from okACCEDO.

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