CloudQA TruMonitor

CloudQA TruMonitor’s synthetic monitoring tools allow you to speed up and increase your website monitoring coverage. It includes intelligent cloud agents for synthetic monitoring by simulating a complete customer journey and alerting whenever performance metrics drop below your expectations.

CloudQA TruMonitor Features

  • Cloud-based setup that is simple and gets you operational in minutes.
  • Setup complex functional tests without coding.
  • Re-use functional scripts for multiple tests.
  • Complete control over workflow scripts and think time.
  • 24 x 7 synthetic monitoring with real browsers.
  • Multiple browser support.
  • Take advantage of globally distributed sites to make observations from locations that matter for your business.
  • No waiting for the next scheduled test window to see if an error is...

Latest News

CloudQA TruMonitor updated
CloudQA TruMonitor updated
February 9, 2022New Version
Adds tags to search, sort and group test cases.
CloudQA TruMonitor updated
CloudQA TruMonitor updated
December 8, 2021New Version
Adds new devices to browser stack along with informative test suite reports.
CloudQA TruMonitor Updated
CloudQA TruMonitor Updated
October 8, 2018New Version
New synthetic monitoring reports help the user to check performance metrics, benchmark graphs and KPI trends.
CloudQA TruMonitor Updated
CloudQA TruMonitor Updated
August 8, 2018New Version
Execute and schedule the monitoring of workflows in different mobile resolutions.
CloudQA TruMonitor released
CloudQA TruMonitor released
January 3, 2018New Product
Easily build and use synthetic monitoring for complex Web applications.

Prices from: $ 5,868.24

CloudQA TruMonitor is licensed on an Annual Basis. To continue to use the software after 12 months, you need to buy the license again. Standard: 6000 Test Executions / Month, 6 Users, 10 Parallel...

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Compatible Containers
  • Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Internet Explorer 11+