BioPass ID Quality API

The BioPass ID Quality API Package provides functionality that allows the qualification of captured biometric data. Obtain better results in the matching operations in your systems with Face Compliance Verification, Face Crop, Face Backgound Remover, and Fingerprint Quality Verification. BioPass ID Quality API can be used for friction reduction in face onboarding, standardization of stored biometric images, biometric image complicance for interoperability between systems, and getting the best results in biometric matching.

Quality API Package

  • Rest API - Available in the most popular architecture standard on the market.
  • Device Independent - Available anywhere, anytime and on any device or operating system. Only an internet connection is required.
  • Easy to Code - Quickly integrate high performance biometrics into your application.

Get Qualified Biometric Data for Best Results

Face Compliance Verification
Face Compliance Verification API checks the compliance of a facial photograph with the ICAO standard (ISO...

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BioPass ID Quality API released
BioPass ID Quality API released
July 11, 2023New Product
Maximize the results from your biometric applications.

Prices from: $ 1,760.85

Licensed as a 1 Year Annual Subscription, you need to renew your subscription to continue to use the software. Available in different Plans to meet your usage requirements. Free, Mini, Start, Up...

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