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Boost Your XML Editing Efficiency

April 18, 2024Feature Highlight
XML editors allow for direct modification of data, enabling users to update content and adjust configurations within XML files, while avoiding errors.

Streamline Software Deployment with EXE Installers

April 18, 2024Feature Highlight
Choose an installation tool that allows you to directly author EXE files, ensuring seamless installation and broad compatibility.

Navigate Custom Ruby Projects with Ease

April 18, 2024Product Update
RubyMine 2024.1 now interprets custom inflections in Ruby class and file names, displaying accurate icons for better organization.

Build Modern, High-Performance Win64 Applications

April 17, 2024Product Update
C++Builder 12.1 Athens adds new modernized C++ compiler and toolchain built on Clang, enhancing performance for large applications.

Create and Edit Diagrams from a Web Browser

April 17, 2024Product Update
MyDraw v6.0 adds a comprehensive web-based version, featuring a full suite of advanced diagramming tools accessible on any device.

Create Customizable Installers with Scripting

April 17, 2024Feature Highlight
Tailor the installation process based on user selections, system configuration, or other factors, to offer a more adaptable installer.

Run PHPUnit Tests with the Latest Features

April 16, 2024Product Update
PhpStorm 2024.1 leverages the newest enhancements in PHPUnit 11.0, ensuring your tests are as effective and reliable as possible.

Boost LSP Coding with Custom Code Completion

April 16, 2024Product Update
Delphi 12.1 Athens lets you customize how specific keystrokes behave during Language Server Protocol code completion, increasing efficiency.

Build UIs Faster with a Drag-and-Drop Enabled IDE

April 15, 2024Feature Highlight
Drag-and-drop functionality streamlines user interface design in Integrated Development Environments by offering an intuitive workflow.

Reduce Coding Lag when Working Remotely

April 15, 2024Product Update
GoLand 2024.1 improves remote coding with near real-time code completion and highlighting, even when working in the Cloud.

Edit and Manipulate JSON5 Files More Easily

April 15, 2024Product Update
Oxygen JSON Editor 26.1 saves you time and effort when working with JSON5 files with support for syntax highlighting and validation features.

Optimize XML Transformations with an XSLT Profiler

April 12, 2024Feature Highlight
Pinpoint inefficiencies and enhance processing speed by analyzing and optimizing each step of your XSLT transformations.

Pin Important Code to the Top of Your Editor

April 12, 2024Product Update
WebStorm 2024.1 adds a new sticky lines feature to help you maintain context and understand the overall structure of your code more easily.

Streamline Your DITA Publishing Workflow

April 10, 2024Product Update
Oxygen XML Web Author 26.1 saves time and ensures consistency across outputs by using DITA-OT project files that act as reusable templates.

Code Faster with Full Line Local AI Code Completion

April 10, 2024Product Update
IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 leverages machine learning to suggest entire lines of code based on contextual analysis directly within the IDE.

Document SQL Server Databases Automatically

April 9, 2024Product Update
SQL Doc v5.2.20 now enables documentation for databases in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) version 20.0.

Write and Debug PL/SQL Code More Efficiently

April 9, 2024Product Update
Allround Automations introduces Plyxon, a multi-threaded Oracle PL/SQL development environment for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Transform JSON Documents to XML with XSLT

April 9, 2024Product Update
Oxygen XML Developer 26.1 allows you to use XSLT to seamlessly convert JSON into a format compatible with your existing tools and pipelines.

Improve Build Stability with .NET Test Retry Policies

April 9, 2024Product Update
TeamCity On-Premises 2024.03 minimizes wasted development time by automatically retrying failed tests, reducing false positives.

Fix All Detected XML Errors with a Single Click

April 8, 2024Product Update
Oxygen XML Author 26.1 adds an action to apply all proposed quick fixes, saving significant time when dealing with multiple validation errors.