Accusoft Document & Text Processing Showcase

AccusoftSince 1991, Accusoft has brought you the best in document and imaging technology. Our application, PrizmDoc, is no different! Easily integrate a progressive HTML5 document viewing and collaboration solution into your application with PrizmDoc. Reduce your workload and enhance your development with a viewer that showcases a wide range of document and image files. The product is available in both self-hosted and cloud-hosted options.

PrizmDoc is built with developers in mind

With just a few lines of code, you can embed the viewer into your web application, giving your customers access to a robust set of collaboration and markup tools. No need for additional software.

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“PrizmDoc is an integral part of our platform that users now rely on. ISEBOX allows our clients (ranging from Michelin Tire, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Nike, and others) to upload virtually any kind of content for distribution to media outlets and partners.”

Salvatore Salpietro, Chief Technology Officer at ISEBOX

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HTML5 Document Viewing and Collaboration Suite

Use PrizmDoc with any platform, language, and web framework to transform your website or application. With this customizable document viewer, consumers can view documents or images from any device or browser without downloading or subscribing to additional software.

Some of our most prominent collaboration features are showcased below, but here are some of our most recent advancements (Microsoft Office Conversion, Form Field Detector, and Large Document & Server-Side Search).

HTML5 Document Viewing

New Product Features

Large Document & Server-Side Search

Once you enable this feature, you can support large documents in a variety of formats. Large Document & Server-Side Search provides faster rendering and superior performance for documents with 1000+ pages. Once the forms are embedded into the website or application, you can build functionality to route the gathered data straight into your database.

Server-Side Search

Microsoft Office Conversion

For companies that require true native rendering of Office documents, this new MSO conversion service allows rendering of all Microsoft documents in PrizmDoc’s HTML5 viewer, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Conversion

Form Field Detector

PrizmDoc users can upload PDF AcroForms and raster documents like .tiff and bitmap to the Form Field Detector. The feature automatically detects and creates interactive form fields within the file. If you embed the forms into a website or application, you can build in functionality to route entered data to your database.

Form Field Detector

Collaboration Features

  • Document viewer

    Document viewer

  • Advanced search

    Advanced search

  • Annotation


  • Redaction


  • Header and Footer Metadata

    Header and Footer Metadata

  • Document Signing

    Document Signing

“Our sales team has doubled in size since we added PrizmDoc to our product. I’ve worked at companies where we developed our own readers and it was a constant headache. To not have to worry about document formats like loading PDFs, Word documents, or Excel files, that’s the biggest ROI that PrizmDoc brings us.”

Kevin Owens, Chief Product Officer at Fuel Cycle by Passenger

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Powerful Imaging REST APIs

PrizmDoc REST APIs provide complete control, allowing you to customize and extend the viewer functionality within your application. These REST APIs are available in the cloud-hosted product:

Watermark API

Watermark API

Embed custom text or image watermarks to mitigate the risk of unauthorized document sharing.

Conversion API

Conversion API

Convert multiple file types (CAD, Word, PDF, Excel, and more) to PDFs and other image formats and merge into a single document for easy sharing and collaboration.



Detect and extract text from images to collect and store the content without having to retype or manually enter data. Compatible with PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, and BMP.

Image Compression API

Image Compression API

Reduce image size without loss of quality. Improve website load times and save space in your image storage.