Community Partners

Our community partners offer an abundance of useful online resources such as forums, articles, tutorials, training, technical services and newsletters via their own Web sites. If you would like to include our online catalog within your site then please contact us for further details.

Microsoft Visual Studio Partner MarketplaceMicrosoft Visual Studio Partner Marketplace
The Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Marketplace is full of products from Visual Studio Partners that help Extend the ALM capabilities of Visual Studio 2012. Launched on Sep 12th, 2012 the site allows visitors to find, evaluate, purchase and download products that help you to Define, Develop & Operate applications built for Windows 8 and Azure cloud deployment using the latest release of Visual Studio from Microsoft. To appear in the Visual Studio Partner Marketplace the product publisher or owner also has to be a member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner program.

DEVPIA is a portal site for the professional developer community that was constructed in 2000 under the motto of "developer's utopia". DEVPIA is one of the world's largest developer communities consisting of over 290,000 members and has 60,000 daily visitors, 583 user groups, 50,000 news monthly updates, 48 professional managers, and 120 professional instructors. In January 2001, DEVPIA started the first .NET community in Korea where many developers are able to view and share source code. In 2002, DEVPIA received an award from the president of Microsoft, Bill Gates, for activities in the developer community.

The main activities of DEVPIA involve .NET consulting, online education, operation of off-line seminars, development and distribution of software, and the development and selling of the DEXTUpload Component.