Product Submission Form

Use this form to submit your new or updated product information.

Technical Account ManagerRemember that where you have different variants of a product, such as Standard and Professional, you should fill in and submit a full form for each of the variants. This will enable us to accurately reflect the different functionality and compatibility information.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Details:
    Contact information, company information, etc.
  • Product Details:
    Brief functionality overview, business category, copies sold to date, etc.
  • Technical Details:
    Various technical details depending upon the supported platform (NET, COM, J2EE/Java or VCL/CLX).
  • System Requirements:
    Supported operating systems, hardware requirements, etc.
  • Licensing Details:
    Pricing structure, evaluation details, serial numbers, etc.

If you need help with the terminology used during the product submission process, please visit our Glossary.

Please select the form which best describes your product's platform compatibility: